World Arduino Day!

Find out how to Light Up a Cube of LED’s, use your brainwaves to control a computer, race through a virtual world using a yoga ball and much much more! UnLondon is inviting anyone interested in “physical computing” – people from all ages and all levels of expertise – to come and discover the Unlab and the Arduino, on March 29th starting at 10 am. World Arduino Day is a global event celebrating 10 years of the Arduino. Arduino is combination of hardware and software…


EduCamp London

Another UnConference! EdCamp London will take place on April 12th, 2014 at Althouse College in London.



UnLondon and its partners are proud to offer a variety of classes and workshops that are available to everyone


VegFest London

UnLondon is proud to be supporting London’s first, all vegan festival; sprouting in the Forest City on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at Western Fair District! VegFest is a vegan festival produced by VegBash event studio. This one of a kind event will provide an opportunity to experience the compassionate and healthy options that veganism provides through vendors, activities and speakers. Follow along as the festival grows, check them out on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to our festival newsletter. Facebook  – Twitter  – Newsletter


Explode Code

Explode Code is back! After an unfortunate hiatus for the latter part of 2013 we are kicking off 2014 with a new format for the “Talks” series. Each event will have a theme and presentations are now 30mins with 10-15mins for Q&A to give our speakers more time to delve into their topic. The first event is on Tuesday, February 25th at 7 pm. This event will focus on PHP/MVC/CMS Derek Martin (@lo_fye) | “Intro to Laravel: models, views, controllers, and more” — laravel is a new framework…


Hacking Health London

Hacking Health London’s next event takes place on Monday February 24th at the Goodwill HQ on Horton St. This is the same location as their first Cafe event which attracted over 60 healthcare professionals, software developers and designers, patients, caregivers and entrepreneurs. As there was a tonne of buzz that night, we’re anticipating some great ideas to come forward at Pitch Night. This event is actually the first of a two-part Pitch competition. That night is all about people pitching their initial concept and building…


Update: MakerBus

What started as an idea eight months ago is now on the verge of becoming a reality. It’s been a long path getting here, and we’d like to take a second to reflect on our team’s journey. Eight months ago the MakerBus team (Kim Martin, Beth Compton, and Ryan Hunt) hatched a plan to create Canada’s first mobile makerspace and digital education classroom. After talking about our vision for the project, and how we wanted to serve the community, we decided to place a greater…


The Lumarca

The Lumarca is a volumetric display, or a 3-dimensional representation of an object.


Global Game Jam 2012

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event.


Budget App Contest

UnLondon & the City of London held a contest to have ‘apps’ created to visualize the 2012 budget data/process.



This Week in London Tweets is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean Quigley and Stuart Clark which focuses on issues that make twitter users in London tweet.


London Trash

A web app that will tell and remind you when it is time to put out your garbage.

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