Are you shaping the digital world around you, or is it shaping you?

Literacy is more than being able to read and write. It is a platform, a springboard, to creativity. Once you can read and write, then you can write plays, petitions, and pitches to take advantage of the exciting opportunities around you. You can begin to shape your world.

Digital literacy works the same way.

A person who is literate in the "digital" aspects of our technological world is able to move and shape their environment, and create new possibilities and solutions to the problems that surround them.


We focus on engaging learners and their communities through a multidisciplinary approach. We focus on providing  S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) inspired, maker-focused educational programming. We also try to foster curiosity in our learners through education that feels a lot more like play!

We offer many different forms of digital literacy education and training. Some of our work in the past has included:

  • Exposure visits to demonstrate innovative, interactive, and inspiring technologies.
  • Workshops for classroom, clubs, and camps that are themed around digital literacy, maker culture, and STEAM.  These workshops take different forms, and may include a tinkering project, training kids to code, showing them how to use a piece of technology, among other things. They can last from a couple hours to a couple of days.
  • Curriculum curation and development, to assist organizations in practically implementing STEAM activities and digital literacy opportunities into their programs.
  • Consulting, training, and professional development for educators, community leaders, and businesses. Our integrative sessions provide you with practical  ways that technology can bolster your organization's specific goals. We have brought this training to teachers, librarians, and other community organizations in the London region. 

If you are interested in what our digital literacy programs can do for your organization, contact us at