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Indiegogo - The Secrets of Crowd Funding

Crowd funding is changing the way companies bring their products to market. Every hour $84,000 is raised through crowd funding for people with great ideas. If you are an Inventor, Entrepreneur or someone with a dream, come join us to learn strategies to help you launch a successful campaign. 

Steve Tam from Indiegogo will share success stories, campaign strategies, and some of the unexpected outcomes from crowd funding.  Did you know there are more benefits to crowd funding than raising money?  Steve will look at how a campaign can bring a plethora of data-rich experiences to a company and how incredible feedback can be gathered over a short but concise window of time.

Join UnLondon and the broader community on Thursday, December 4th. 

There will be some time for networking and delicious food that shouldn’t be missed. If you have a product or idea to share, sign up for a 2 minute elevator pitch.

This is your time. Grab ahold of it and make those dreams come true. 

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Earlier Event: November 30
Later Event: December 6 API Hackathon