UnLondon Membership Overview

Membership to the UnLondon Digital Media Association is your passport to collaborating with other awesome people to create something amazing. We provide a platform and philosophy that will enable your most daring projects, events and products to become a reality. Our various membership levels provide a variety of options and commitments.

UnLondon Community Membership

For individuals who want to be both supportive of UnLondon and benefit from the organizations platform we offer the UnLondon Community Membership. Members receive perks to exclusive content, use of the UnLondon non-profit status, and participation in UnLondon specific projects and demos allowing anybody to work on flagship ideas.

Maker Membership (UnLab Access)

Membership provides unlimited use of the UnLondon UnLab including tools, equipment, materials and resources. Our community is eager to help and support you to learn anything!

The UnLab is a fully equipped fab lab, makerspace, and manufacturing hub.

Creative Membership

Membership access to both the UnLab and 121 Studios;  London's premier media production and entrepreneur -focused workspace located in the heart of downtown London, Ontario.

Whether you're an artist, freelancer, startup or small business and need to edit sound or video, record a podcast, conduct a photo shoot, write code or network with the brightest creative minds in London, 121 Studios is the place to be!

Single Day Pass for the UnLab or 121 Studios

Day Pass

Available Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm.

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