UnLondon Membership Perks

Membership to the UnLondon Digital Media Association is your passport to collaborating with other awesome people to create something amazing. We provide a platform and philosophy that will enable your most daring projects, events and products to become a reality. Our various membership levels provide a variety of options and commitments.

UnLondon members receive a number of perks and benefits:

  • Access to a creative community and mentorship network, filled with London’s finest graphic designers, software engineers, makers, hackers, artists, and entrepreneurs.
  • 24/7 access to physical production space (makerspace) for a host of projects, from woodworking, to electronic engineering and prototyping, to textile and leatherworking tools, to 3D print and design, to laser-cutting and metalworking. Access includes use of tools, materials and project storage space. Full membership to the London Tool Library, a take-home lending service for a variety of tools and equipment.
  • Discounted training on skills and educational courses offered by UnLondon, including soldering, a variety of microprocessors (including the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi), 3D printing, laser-cutting, virtual reality, etc.
  • Access to London’s only public digital media production space, including a fully equipped sound studio and a photography studio, along with full platform of editing software. There is also access to one of London’s only dark-rooms for film photography development. 
  • Facility booking and space rental at no cost. Including promotional and marketing support of events. 
  • Invites and  access to some of London’s most interesting talks and events surrounding themes related to art, make, tech, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative communities. Previous events include the Grickle Grass Festival, Winter Spectacular music festival, the Roast (a pig-roast and music event), speaker series, grant writing workshops, and more. 
  • Support and incubation for entrepreneurs and start-ups, in the form of business networks, retail space, resource sharing, grant wrtiting and consulting.
  • Support and networks for impact focused initiatives, both local and regional, in the form of space, resources, and marketing. Previous initiatives that have received direct UnLondon leadership and support include: Crazy About Mental Health, Hacking Health, PodCamp, and others.

Membership at UnLondon entitles you to discounts at several great retailers.  Members are entitled to the following discounts:

For more information about how members can obtain these discounts, please contact us.