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Some frequently asked questions:

Do you accept bookings/rentals?
We do rent our space for private events. You can find out more on FillSpaces

I’m starting [fill in the blank] can you help me?
We work mostly with scalable projects that are born to grow. We work best with individuals and founders who are thinking big about the problems they’re solving. If that’s you, let’s chat.

I have an awesome idea, can I just tell you about it?
While we’d love to meet with every entrepreneur with an idea, we just can’t. We suggest completing this form and we can begin our chat there.

Do you only work with tech startups?
We’re looking for community members, organizations, founders and startups that are using art, maker philosophies and technology to solve problems in everyday industries – like health, education, retail, and enterprise.

Can I come to events if I’m not a member?
Yes! Many of the community-led meetups, workshops and events that happen with UnLondon are open to the public.

Interested in becoming a member or taking a workshop? Come visit and meet with one of our community managers who’ll help you set up with UnLondon.

UnLondon exists to provide passionate individuals and groups with the ability to turn unconventional ideas into reality. If you would like our support, resources, or anything else; tell us a bit about your project below:

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