Springboard is a community platform and comprehensive support infrastructure to develop our creative cluster into successful businesses that create ongoing impact, and are enabled to launch the next “big thing”. Springboard is a platform to advocate for, facilitate, invest in, and educate London's current and future creatives. 

Springboard creates opportunity


Springboard provides the creative industry and individual entrepreneurs with the facilities, education and advocacy needed to design, launch and grow business and ideas that contribute to local, regional and global innovation and will directly support the diversification and resilience-building in our local economy.

Springboard supports this community through our IDEA model: Interactions, Development, Education, and Access. These four tentpole pillars allow us to enable connection, collaboration and collisions; offer mentorship, strategic support, and growth strategies; introduce new ideas, solutions, and methodologies; and provide links to capital, equipment, and resources that will enable innovation and success.


Mentorship Network, Peer-to-Peer and Accountability Groups and External Advocacy of London’s creative cluster to regional, national and international partners. Specifically, ensuring London’s inclusion in the innovation corridor (currently GTA and KW).


Retail Accelerator: Provide storefront space to early stage retail businesses looking to validate and iterate their business models and products, without the pressure, timeline and costs of multi-year leases. This program offers emerging retailers a 6 month term to launch and develop their business. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Access to Capital: Enable funding opportunities for both entrepreneurs, creators and investors (Seed, VC, institutional)


Workshops: a variety of classes on both introductory and intermediate topics in technology, coding, robotics, and others.

Forward: an educational series for entrepreneurial and creative development in #ldnont. Workshops, seminars and events that focuses on topics such as grant writing, accounting, raising capital, business development, crowdfunding, creative entrepreneurship, digital media production and more!

Explode Conference: A two day conference in downtown London. Where the digital creative community converges to share and provoke Enabling the intersection of entrepreneurs, designers and developers.

Meetups: Gathering the London community together to share, learn and collaborate on a variety of topics: virtual reality, design, coding, etc


Shared Professional Services:  On-Demand (available to meet with Springboard participants as requested) and regular Office Hours, regularly scheduled events where service providers are on-site at 211 King for members to meet with on a drop-in basis.