London, Ontario's premier makerspace, where artists, makers and techies converge, so they can gather, create and improve. It's a playground for 'big kids' like you!


The UnLab is located in the heart of the Old East Village, at 792 Dundas St (map). Our 4000 sq ft shared shop hosts all the facilities, tools, materials and support you need to turn an idea into reality. As part of a growing community, our members and supporters are here to help.

Open Make Nights - Drop In

UnLondon hosts weekly open house nights where curious Londoners, potential members, and our current community gather to share projects, learn new skills and discover what the UnLab could help them "make".

Upcoming Open House Nights:


Membership to the UnLab provides you with 24hr access to a state-of-the-art makerspace and all the tools and resources it contains to help you see a project to completion.


The UnLab is London, Ontario’s premier makerspace. Located in Old East Village, the UnLab is a place where artists, makers and techies converge so that they can gather, create and improve.

The UnLab is a playground for ‘big kids’ like you, where you can play with toys, build with tools and meet creative people from around the region. The rules of this playground are what we like to call a work in progress; they are decided upon largely through social, meritocratic, and sometimes democratic phenomenon.


  • Electronics and Robotics Bench

  • Arts and Crafts and Prototyping Studio

    • Printrbot 3D Printers 

    • 40W Full Spectrum Laser Cutter

    • Sewing Machines and Textiles

  • Woodworking Shop

    • Drill Press, Lathe, Power Saws,  Hand Tools

  • 24/7 access for members

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Bathrooms and Kitchenette

Art + Make + Tech

The UnLab is a community space with a diverse membership, including artists, computer programmers, web designers, and hardware hackers. It is inspired by the philosophies of the global makerspace movement which encourages people to socialize, share knowledge, and work together on their projects.