UnLondon supports and enables excellence, edification and the flowering of innovation in the art-make-tech, startup and entrepreneurial communities in Southwestern Ontario and beyond, through facilities, education, and advocacy.

Our Purpose

The purpose of UnLondon is to make positive change in and around our region from outside the normal confines of change making, using unconventional methods and digital tools. We enable people to do things. The ‘Un’ prefix describes our ‘unconventional thinking and practices’. The ‘UnLondon’ name comes from our many experiences both organizing and attending UnConferences.

Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way.
— Albert Einstein

Encouraging Creativity

UnLondon operates as a creative incubator; we provide the tools, resources, support, volunteers and sometimes the inspiration, for anyone with the nugget of an idea to turn it into an impactful result. We specifically focus on the intersection of art, media, digital, technology and “maker” culture and work to facilitate unconventional ideas and innovative solutions. We host classes and workshops, produce conferences and help spread digital literacy around South-Western Ontario.

What We've Achieved

  • Established London's first art+make+tech makerspace, the UnLab
  • Launched 121 Studios - London's premier media and arts shared production studio
  • Pioneered the local UnConference model and shaped the region's digital media landscape
  • Hosted a series of innovative hackathons and workshops introducing ideas around digital media and technology to a broader audience
  • Provide on an ongoing basis, first-time access to tools, resources and inspiration to people and organizations in the region
  • Hosted Southwestern Ontario's largest digital creative and entrepreneurship conference: ExplodeConf
  • Liberated municipal data through the Open Data London initiative and collaborations with the City of London and citizen lead groups
  • Supported the creation of the regions first mobile makerlab